Support Your Mental Wellness with Happy Juice

Support Your Mental Wellness with Happy Juice
Could your mental wellness use a little boost? Mental wellness is everything! It's your mental fitness, physical performance, stress resilience, financial wellness, and confidence. There's many ways you can take care of your mental wellness - adding in movement throughout your day, journaling, being outdoors and getting plenty of sunshine and fresh air, managing your finances well, and my all time favorite...drinking Happy Juice.

What most people don't realize is our mental wellness is...

Choose to Rest in Action

Choose to Rest in Action
Are you trying to get through your day on autopilot, survival, or even desperation? How can you begin to rest in the action you take within your day? You don’t need to push, place pressure upon yourself, or strive for perfectionism. 

Take a deep breath. In all you do today, show up feeling grounded and calm. Be present in everything you do today. Present in your projects, conversations, activities…enjoy the moment. 

I know it’s hard. I’ve been having a flurry of ideas for new projects, courses, and journals going through my mind. When that happens I want to focus on ALL of them and I want them to ALL be perfect right away. But, then nothing gets accomplished or I just set myself up for discouragement. 

It’s when you slow down, focus on one thing at a time, where you will feel productive, focused, and calm. 

You got this! If you are needing a little extra encouragement each week, join my FREE online community Journaling & Self-Care Ideas for Women. I'd love to welcome you to our little space! 

Prioritize Your Mental Wellness in 3 Simple Steps

Prioritize Your Mental Wellness in 3 Simple Steps
Whether you are an entrepreneur, working in corporate, a mom, dog mom, hopping between 2 to 3 jobs, or managing your home…life gets BUSY and stressful. 

It’s so easy to put yourself last because our to-do lists have become pages long. We try to cram so much within our day that by the time evening rolls around you fall into bed exhausted and with leaving no time for yourself. 

If you truly want to release the stress and anxiety in your life, you know what you have to do? 

You might not like my answer….

You must prioritize your mental wellness. That means YOU! How can you begin to make yourself a priority again? Here are 3 simple tips to help you get started.  

1. Get a good night's sleep! Your evening routine and getting enough sleep is so important for waking up and feeling ready for a brand new day. Your mind will be more awake and it’s easier to get up and greet the morning.

2. Move your body. What types of workouts do you enjoy? Going on walks, yoga, hiking, biking, dancing, snowshoeing…Choose 1 or 2 of your favorites and set a goal to move your body a little each day. It boosts your mood and your confidence!

3. Drink plenty of water! Water is amazing for our skin, mental clarity, flushing out toxins that the body doesn’t need, even supports your joints too! Even better if you add some
 Grape or Watermelon Edge to your water. YUM!! The mood and motivation boost that comes from that is just awesome! You have got to try that if you haven't yet!  

What are ways you enjoy making your mental wellness a priority? If you could use a little extra support in your mental wellness journey, be sure to join my free community Journaling & Self-Care Ideas for Women. I'd love to welcome you to the community

Use Your Journal to Guide You Through Your Worry

Use Your Journal to Guide You Through Your Worry
Have you ever been faced with a decision and you just have no idea what to do? Maybe you ruminate over the issue, you talk about it aloud to yourself or to a close friend, you go to bed worried about this decision and you wake up thinking about it. The worry has literally exhausted you. 

That was exactly me a few weeks ago. I had such intense worry over a business decision I was faced with and I honestly felt so lost and confused about what to do. I played the worry in my mind over and over again. I spent time in prayer and reading my Bible. You know what I hadn't done though? I never journaled about it! 

When you are faced with a worrisome situation and you find yourself stressing over it or becoming so full of anxiety, stop and take a deep breathe, give it to God in prayer, and then get out your journal. Free write all of your thoughts out onto your pages. There's a good chance that things might not make sense right away. The more you journal out this situation or decision though, the more clear it becomes and as you read back over what you wrote, the answer really is right there in front of you. 

I discovered this approach by re-reading an old journal that I kept when I was in college. I was deeply stressed out about a relationship and I wrote out how difficult the situation was. I literally was telling myself in my journal what to do and that the relationship needed to end, but I was so consumed with my worry during that time that I didn't even see it clearly until many years later as I was reading it all over again. Read your journal entries back to yourself, you will be amazed at what you will discover and how clarity will eventually find its way in to your heart and mind. 

If you need additional support with your journaling, I invite you to take a look at the 30 Day Journaling Kickstart Guide. Inside is everything you need to create a consistent journaling habit with step-by-step instructions and 30 days of prompts. You can check that out here.