Your Very own 'Journaling Routine Starter Kit'


 If you've been thinking you don't have time or you won't know what to write about....think again! I make it super simple and you can begin with just 3 minutes a day. This value-pact guide will show you how to create a daily journaling routine so you can feel focused and free from worry. Comes with 5 journaling prompts to get you started!

Meet Jenna

Hi there! It’s so nice to meet you. I am Jenna and I am married to my best friend Clinton and we have two furbabes: Zoey and Lily.

I am on a journey to help busy women rediscover their inner sparkle through journaling, as well as simple self-care practices, so they can live a purpose-filled life free from stress and worry. 

Here's a few fun facts about me: I am a course creator, author, Aroma Freedom practitioner, Self-Growth Coach, and wellness advocate. I enjoy reading, journaling, playing around with makeup, and spending time with my sweet, little family. Autumn is my favorite season - I love everything about being cozy and incorporating the Hygge lifestyle into my home.

Come say Hello inside my free community Journaling & Self-Care Ideas for Women to Ignite Their Inner Sparkle. I would love to meet you! 

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