5 Must-Have Travel Items

Simplify your travel needs to have safe and fun adventures! 

Document Organizer

Whether you are traveling far or only a few hours away, a document organizer or an RFID wallet is one of my favorite items. This is the easiest way to keep your documents organized and safe. My favorite is this travel wallet from Amazon. It is compact, secure and has great space for all your items you want to keep close.  

Travel Pillow

The first time I traveled to Europe I arrived drowsy, sleepy and with a kink in my neck. I definitely didn’t feel at my best! If you are taking a long flight, I highly recommend a neck pillow. I’ll be honest, I thought neck pillows were the goofiest things to travel with. But, after a 12 hour flight I was sure a jealous girl of not having one! You can find travel pillows at airport shops, but my favorite is this one here. It also comes with an eye mask. Pure luxury when traveling by plane, my friend - even if you have a seat in coach. 
Amazon Kindle

If you are a reader like me, you definitely need an e-reader. Before Kindle or Nook was a thing, I would bring an armful of books with me when I would travel. Pretty sure I had a duffel bag just for all my books! One vacation I remember reading a book a day - that was 7 physical books I had packed with me (and who knows, I maybe had more packed yet too). Now with my Kindle Paper White I can bring my whole home-library with me! Whether you are lounging on the beach, backpacking through Europe, or staying in a bungalow; you can easily bring any book with you. Easy breezy...and it’s light too! Don’t forget a cute case too. 

Hand Sanitizer
Traveling can bring on a whole heap of germs. I remember when my husband and I took a road from Minnesota to Florida and we made lots of stops along the way. Lots of gross public restrooms were visited, yuck! Thankfully the hand sanitizer I use is filled with only the good ingredients and it actually benefits my wellness too. That’s a win in my book! This is the hand sanitizer that I recommend to everyone!
Essential Oil Diffuser


Yes, you read that correctly! An essential oil diffuser is the easiest thing to pack and they come in all shapes and sizes. We use a diffuser in the car, hotel rooms, on a cruise ship, camping. Essential Oils are definitely mainstream, but choosing one that is 100% pure is a bit tricky. Not all essential oils are created equal. Find an essential oil to use that has a Seed to Seal guarantee. If you aren’t sure, let’s chat and I’ll give you some ideas. My favorite diffuser is the Desert Mist and the Lantern diffuser. Both are so gorgeous! 

You know how I said not all essential oils are created equal? It’s super important to understand the source. 

It’s important to know that not all travel skincare and essential oils are created equal – you can’t just go out to a retailer and trust that you’re getting the good stuff. Lucky for you, I’ve got a source I trust – and they’ve also got that hand sanitizer and diffuser that’s got me feeling calm and healthy on the go Want to know more? Get in touch! 
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