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Inner Beauty-Care Sessions 

30  Minute Session ($37 USD) 
60 Minute Session ($75 USD)

Beauty care is about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. 

In your 1:1 Virtual Session you will gain the tools to begin embracing your beautiful self, unveiling your unique gifts and rediscovering your hope and purpose. 

Beauty comes from the courage to just be yourself.  

Outer Beauty-Care Sessions: Savvy Minerals Makeup & Skincare 

30 Minute Makeup/Skincare Session ($37 USD)
60  Minute Makeup/Skincare Session ($75 USD) 

Women experience a confidence boost when wearing beautiful and clean makeup. 

1:1 Virtual Makeup or Skincare Sessions to find your perfect shades. Jenna has been educated in Young Living’s Savvy Minerals Makeup and Skincare line from the Young Living Beauty School.

During your session we will discuss finding your best foundation and color shades that will compliment your beautiful skin tones.  We can also discuss your skincare routine and a protocol that fits your skin care type. 

I’ll also share my secret weapon for keeping healthy skin, hair and nails with you.