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Bloom & Grow with Jenna 

A Membership Program for Women desiring to bloom & grow into the authentic & beautiful woman that they have been created to be. 

Yes! I Want to Bloom & Grow

Inside this program you will gain the tools to begin embracing your beautiful self, unveiling your unique gifts and rediscovering your hope and purpose. 

Blooming & growing into the woman you have been created to be comes from the courage to just be yourself.  

What to Expect
  • Weekly Live Calls Where We Can Come Together to Support & Encourage One Another
  • Aroma Freedom & Journaling Sessions to Breakthrough any Worry or Self-Doubt that is Holding You Back
  • Monthly Journaling Prompts to Guide You as You Go Through Your Personal Growth Journey
  • Quarterly Book Studies and Collaborations 
  • Weekly Specific Self-Care & Personal Growth Topics that are Personalized Towards Your Needs
  • Guest Speakers & More

A Personal Note from Jenna

Hi there! I am Jenna - your Personal Self-Growth Coach and Journaling Mentor. I have a desire to help busy women rediscover their inner sparkle through journaling, as well as other self-care & holistic approaches, so that they can live a purpose-filled life free from stress and worry.

The Bloom & Grow program is something that I wished I would have had 10 years ago. I longed for a community of like-minded women, friendships, and a place where I could come and just show up as me. 

In 2015 I went through a very sad season and I struggled with anxiety, grief and depression. Other than my wonderful faith in Christ, I felt very alone. I didn't have a community of women to support me and just love on me. I wanted to create Bloom & Grow for the women who are longing for a community of soul-sisters who can support and love on them in their everyday journeys. We don't need to walk in our struggles and our joys alone. 

I'd love to have you link arms with me! You were created to bloom and grow into the beautiful woman that you have been created to be.