Cultivating a healthy & peaceful home for the holidays

It is said that music is a gateway to the soul. Music speaks to us, fills our soul and heart and can be very healing. During the holiday season I enjoy listening to instrumental music.

When you need to release any stress and have your mind and body at peace, instrumental music is such a great way to cultivate that mood. My favorite albums are: It's a Wonderful Christmas, A Christmas celebration, Christmas Hymns, and On a Winter's Night.

My favorite places to listen to music are Amazon Music Unlimited or Pandora.

Declutter Your Home
Some of you may be thinking this sounds like busy work; but trust me! When things are in order in our homes we feel so much more organized and at peace.

I know for me, when my house is cluttered and things aren't put away, I start to feel really frazzled. Once we have decluttered a certain area in our home we just begin to feel more relaxed.

Pinterest is a great place to search for ideas on how to organize your home. Feel free to check out my Hygge Home board to help spark some ideas. If that isn't inspiring to you then ask a friend for help. Sometimes we just need another set of eyes and helping hands to move us in the right direction.

Cooking for Whole Food Nutrition
This might sound like a no-brainer; but when I cook healthy, whole food recipes I feel so much better. The processed and junk food doesn't love our bodies and doesn't provide us with any nutritional value - it just makes us feel sluggish and sleepy.

Choose foods with protein, healthy fats and carbs. Think of healthy food as fuel for your mind, body and soul. Plus, you might just get some extra energy!

If cooking isn't your thing, don't worry! Try a meal subscription plan like Home Chef. We've tried a couple different meal delivery services in the past and love how everything comes ready for you to put together - plus, everything is portioned out for you too.

Needing more tips for creating a peaceful home? 
These tips are a great place to start with cultivating a healthy & peaceful home for the holiday season. If you are still needing more tips and ideas then I'd like to welcome you to our Stressed to Blessed Community.

We are a community of women for finding and embracing our true, authentic self through our own personal life journey.