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Favorite Jewelry & Accessories  


Howlite Medallion Necklace

This beautiful necklace comes from Put on Love Design. It is so lightweight and very feminine. Looks pretty with any outfit. Howlite brings peace and calm. It is a soft stone, and it reminds us that strength doesn’t have to be hard or brittle. Your gentleness and peace can be your greatest strength. Find your inner wells of peace with the medallion necklace, available in either blue dyed howlite or white howlite, with your choice of gold or silver!

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Rose Quartz Gemstone Necklace
TThis is another beautiful piece by Put on Love Design. I love so many of their pieces - you’ll see lots of their favorites here. 
Rose Quartz is the stone that symbolizes Love. It’s beautiful to give to yourself or to others as a gift. 

This is a cute and dainty diffuser necklace where you can apply your essential oils. The diffuser is at the back of the neck for discrete diffusing, but you will receive major benefits from it. 

Embrace Gemstone Affirmation Bracelet Set

A simple and beautiful bracelet set. It has two Rose Quartz bracelets and a gold-plated brass accent bracelet. This set makes a lovely gift for Mother’s Day, Birthdays or Just Because. 
Rainbow Diffuser Bracelet 

This bracelet first caught my eye when it was first launched. When I read the description though, it just touched my heart so much I knew I needed this bracelet for myself. It was created for the women who have struggled through infertility, miscarriage, celebrating a miracle baby and for the ones waiting in hope. We are all strong and radiant women and this bracelet is to remind us of that. 
Amazonite Gemstone Slider Bracelet

Amazonite is a frosty, blue gemstone. This bracelet is gorgeous and I can wear it with so many different outfits and other bracelets. This gemstone helps you to overcome obstacles and fears that are blocking your path. The band is suede, which can be used for diffusing your essential oils on the go. 
Serenity Diffuser Keychain

Super These keychains are so dreamy! They come with a natural cut of polished gemstone and a faux suede tassel for diffusing while you are on the go.