Favorite Journaling Resources  
Gratitude Journal

A Journey to beginning your Gratitude practice. This is my first journal that I have published and it is filled with pages for you to write what you are most grateful for in your present moment. I give a couple quick benefits to gratitude journaling in the beginning so your gratitude journaling sessions can be successful for you. 

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Bloom from the Inside Journal
50 Journal Prompts to Begin Your Inner Beauty Journey. Inner beauty is about your journey - stepping forward, moving past limitations, helping others along their journey, and owning who you are by being open to bloom and grow right where you, learning to love yourself the way Jesus loves you, and the way your inner circle of friends and family love you. Use these 50 journaling prompts to begin your own journey to rediscovering your own inner beauty.

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Dream Your Heart Out
The Dream Your Heart Out journal is filled with sweet surprises of popping color, bold phrases, and plenty of space to write and explore where God is leading you. On every page of this inspirational writing journal, you'll find the encouragement you need to follow God's plan for your life and trust Him to lead you. He has Big plans for you!

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Deep Waters Journal
With reminders to pause, let go of what doesn't matter, and stay focused on God's love for you to calm your anxious thoughts and embrace his peace. This inspirational lined journal is filled with God's promises from scripture and encouraging personal affirmations making it easy to reflect, pray, pour your anxious heart out and remember that Jesus has got this!

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Lily Pulitzer Bound Journal 

I love journals with bright colors and lots of room to write freely. Lily Pulitzer is one of my favorite brands for office supplies: journals, notepads, planners, pens and even cute mugs. The bright colors are just so inviting. 

The pages in this journal are thick so your ink will not bleed through the paper and the size of this journal is perfect for bringing along on your travels, keeping in your car or purse, or on your nightstand to use as a Stress Release Journal. 

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Find Your Magic Journal
I am SO excited about this journal! It's brand new to me and it was written and designed by my dear friend Martina. She is empowers women to find their magic through their own self love journey and to love yourself at any size. I love her message and how she brings so much light and love to the people around her. 

In the pages of this journal you will clear your mind of any thoughts swirling through your mind, say farewell to limiting beliefs, become more clear on your goals, learn about healthy boundaries and more. 
Planners & Calendars 
Day Spring Planner

Day Spring creates some of the most beautiful journals, planners and calendars. This is the journal I have been using for quite some time. I love that there is a monthly calendar and also a weekly layout with room to right down goals and ideas.  
Writing Tools
Felt Tip Pens

Super cute pens for bullet journaling, taking notes, gratitude journaling or creating your to-do list. Each pen is a different color, has a fine tip, and writes smooth. 
Colored Pencils 

Anyone a big fan of coloring? It is so therapeutic. This set has 50 vibrant colors that highlight the details in your adult coloring books or any art project that you are working on. They also work well in your journal too. 
Lap Writing Desk

Great padded desk for sitting in a chair or your bed. I like that it can fit your laptop, but it's perfect for journaling too! 
Adult Coloring Books  
Beauty in the Bible 

Inspirational scripture quotes to encourage and fill you with peace and hope. Coloring is one of my favorite evening activities to do during the long winter months or when I am trying to not stress eat. This book was given to me as a gift and the verses have become some of my favorites. 
Alice in Wonderland 

This was another coloring book that I received as a gift for one of my birthdays. My friend knows I love the classics and this coloring book is just so unique. I love the design and how each page has a special quote from the book. 
* Pictures are either my own or from Google or Amazon *