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Favorite Kitchen Must-Haves


Tea & Accessories  

Art of Tea

Hand blended and organic teas and botanicals.  The Art of Tea offers a wide variety of loose-leaf teas, sachets, accessories and gifts. 
Spiced Turmeric Vitality Tea

Spiced Turmeric Herbal Tea Set pairs warm, comforting Spiced Turmeric Herbal Tea with Tangerine Vitality premium essential oil for a rejuvenating, delicious herbal tea. Other favorites are Orange Rose Hip Black Tea, Vanilla Lemongrass Green Tea and Slique Tea
Tea Spoons

Adorable spoons for your tea or coffee. Perfect to use by yourself or if you are hosting a small tea party. Use to stir in honey, sugar, milk or your favorite Vitality oil. 
Tea Kettle

The rose-gold is beautiful and looks so pretty sitting on top of my stove. Great to use as a decor piece for your kitchen too! The handle is easy to use and it heats up in no time. 

If you are hosting a tea party you can use this tea kettle to warm up your water and then pour into your serving teapot. 
Bee’s Wrap
The Lunch Pack

We have been on a mission to use less plastic in our home. Using plastic with food is definitely not the best choice for us. The harmful ingredients in the plastic can leech into our food.  

I discovered Bee’s Wrap while scrolling through Instagram one day and immediately loved that their mission aligned so well with mine.

Their Lunch Pack is perfect for packing lunches for work, school, picnic or storing any leftovers. 

Purchase Here
Cheese Set
The cheese set is a new-to-me item from Bee’s Wrap and I love it. It’s perfect for keeping your favorite kind of cheese nice and fresh.

This size can also be used for on-the-go snacks, keeping your leftover dessert fresh, or small pieces of fruit. 
The Variety Pack

The variety pack is a great way to get started using Bee’s Wrap in your home. It comes with seven wraps each with a unique print designed for all kinds of foods in your fridge or pantry.

You can store cheese slices, carrot sticks, fresh bread, salad greens, baked goods, and cheesy casseroles. Super easy to use for packing your sandwiches or snacks to go.

The variety pack is so nice if you’ve been looking to try use less plastic in your home (especially in your kitchen) and to begin incorporating a more natural lifestyle in your home. 

Healthy Food Options 
Thrive Market Favorites 

We love purchasing through Thrive Market! It helps us stay on track with meal planning, choosing healthier options, and just feeling good about knowing what’s in our products and food. Their shipping is also super quick! Win-Win! 
Home Chef 

Variety of healthy meals to meet any goal. We love how convenient Home Chef is, our meals are portioned out, everything arrives fresh and they are super simple to put together. There are also options for any dietary need. 
Mixers & Blenders
Milk Frother 

Living in a small town I don’t live near a fancy coffee shop. I’ve come to love making fun and yummy café drinks at home. This frother has been a fun tool to incorporate into my kitchen. It creates creamy, velvety froth and you can use with hot or cold drinks. My favorite is to froth whip cream on top of hot cocoa. Delicious! 
Nutri Ninja Blender

I love whipping up a yummy smoothie, especially in the summer time. I’ve tried many blender, but this is by far my favorite. It keeps your protein drinks or fruit smoothies nice and smooth. If you add flax or chia seeds to your drinks it breaks them down so finely you don’t even realize they are in there. The to-go containers are so nice for taking with you to the gym, work, road trip - wherever you are off to! 
Baking Tools
- coming soon -