Journal Therapy with Coach Jenna
A One-On-One Journaling Experience To Gently Guide You To Rediscover What Makes Your Inner Self Shine Brightly & to Break Through any Barriers Standing in Your Way as a Heart-Centered Solopreneur. 

Personalized Affirmations & Journaling Prompts Specifically Created Just For You.


A One-On-One Journaling Experience You Have Been Waiting For...
Gain one-on-one access to me via THREE different coaching packages that you get to choose from. With each package, you will have me as your guide to help and support you through your journaling experience, along with using affirmations and other mental wellness tools.

Each package will include a set of personalized affirmations and journaling prompts to help you dig deeper to rediscover your true, authentic self.

I know What It's Like...

  • To feel like you have no one to talk to 
  • To feel so alone and worry that no one else understands you
  • To not have a true friend to confide in
  • To feel like you have no way to get your feelings out in a healthy way
  • To let your worry, anxiety, or overwhelm make you feel like you are frozen in place
  • And to not know of any tools, resources, or strategies to cope with life's worries and stresses...

That's Why I am Here and
We Will Work Together...

We will work together to unveil any blocks, fears, or worries that may be holding you back from moving forward on your personal growth journey.

I will be a sounding board to you and I will gently guide you by providing affirmations and journaling prompts that are solely customized to you and your needs. 

"Journal writing is a voyage to the interior." ~ Christina Baldwin

Package #1: The Mini Bundle - $20 (Value $47)

Choose 1 affirmation card from a set of 3 affirmation cards that I will send you via E-mail. From there, I will create a set of 5 personalized journaling prompts for you around the affirmation that you choose.

You will also receive a mini Aroma Reset video where I will help you simply remove any worry or confusion that may be clouding your mind. 


Package #2: The Sparkle Bundle - $47 (Value $84) 

Choose 3 affirmation cards out of a set of 6 cards that I will send you via E-mail. From there, I will create a set of 15 personalized journaling prompts for you around the affirmations that you choose.

You will also receive a mini Aroma Reset video where I will help you simply remove any worry or confusion that may be clouding your mind. 


Package #3: The Goddess Bundle - $97 (Value $197) 

Receive a 60 Minute One-On-One call via Zoom with me! During our call you are welcome to share any blocks, worries, or self-doubt that you are struggling with. As a journal therapy coach, I will listen to you and guide you using open-ended questions to make you feel as comfortable as possible. 

I will create a set of 30+ personalized journaling prompts, plus a set of 5 personalized affirmations that are catered to our conversation together. 

You will also receive the mini Aroma Reset video where I will help you simply remove any worry or confusion that may be clouding your mind. 


Bonus Package: VIP Inner Glow Journaling Experience
Along with everything from The Goddess Bundle, you will also receive a 60 Minute One-On-On Aroma Freedom Technique Session. In this session I will guide you through a step-by-step process designed to help you move towards freedom.

The Aroma Freedom Technique uses aromatherapy to instantly and irresistibly shift your mood and ability to take positive action in your life. Through this process you will identity what you want in life, what is blocking you, and how to release these blocks in a matter of minutes.

We will follow up our Aroma Freedom Session by creating an action plan to create daily practices to keep you on track.
You will also receive 30+ Personalized Journaling Prompts and access to me on Voxer (a voice messaging app) for 30 days. You are able to message or text me any time and I will reply with voice memo coaching.

This will include guiding you to dig deeper into your inner healing and personal growth journey. I will give you fresh insight and suggestions and direct you in the best way possible.

The VIP Journaling Experience - $333 (Value $797) 

Yes! I'm Ready for the VIP Experience!
Just imagine this for a moment...
Envision yourself feeling fulfilled, discovering your purpose, and finding that inner sparkle...using journaling prompts personalized just for you.

A coaching experience that will make it possible for you to fill your own cup first, so you have the time, energy and resources to keep showing up for the people and things you care about most.

A journaling experience just like the one I used for myself to pull me from depression, going through the motions each day to waking up each morning filled with so much joy, purpose and passion for life.
What other women are saying...

A Personal Note from Jenna...
Hello! I'm Jenna and I help busy women rediscover their inner sparkle through journaling so they can live a purpose-filled life free from stress and worry.
I am a course creator, author, Aroma Freedom practitioner and personal-growth coach.

I've been journaling since 2015 and I love helping women develop their own journaling routine that fits their busy lifestyle. Journaling has brought so much peace and focus into my life. It hasn't always been this way though...

I went through a season of grief when my husband and I found out that we would not be able to conceive a baby naturally. I began to slip into depression and felt as if my sadness was controlling me. I knew I didn't want to live this way anymore.

One evening a coach shared how she would write out 3-5 things she was grateful for in her journal so that she would be more aware of all the little blessings that were happening in and around her.

I remember thinking that sounded simple and keeping a gratitude journal was something I could do. It was something I would have just for me that I could look forward to each morning.

Within just a few months everything changed for me! I was waking up excited and eager to begin my morning and journaling routine.

The best part is I am doing this all while releasing any daily stress and worries.
I'm so excited to work with you and guide you on your journaling journey so you can feel balanced and focused as a solopreneur.
~ Jenna