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All about the products you'll use in our Water Challenge

your main product: The PSK or BSk

If you are brand new to Young Living, you will want to begin with either our Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit (PSK) or the Basic Starter Kit (BSK), which is a mini version. This will give you your 24% discount, plus a bunch of fun freebies! 
  • Easily add on any Vitality Essential Oils or other product that you wish to your BSK
  • The PSK comes with everything you need for: sleep, energy, focus, skin, and even vitality oils for your water
  • Needing to start small? Add Lemon Vitality along with the BSK
  • You'll be a confident oiler in no time! 
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Week 1: Vitality and Electrolytes

In Week 1 you will learn:
  • Why Vitality oils are so beneficial to our water
  • Why our Electrolyte Drops can enhance your fitness routine
  • Why getting enough water in each day can support your emotions 
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WEEK 2: Clear Vegetable capsules & The Who, what, why of Young Living

In Week 2 you will learn:
  • How to create your own Vitality Supplement 
  • The safety of using Essential Oils topically, aromatically, and internally 
  • Farm Life - where do our Essential Oils come from
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Week 3: Ningxia Red 

In Week 3 you will learnt:
  • Why antioxidants should be an important part of your day
  • How to create a water habit with your Vitaliy Oils
  • How to use Essential Oils in your everyday life 
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WEEK 4: Creating a Lifestyle

In Week 4 you will learn:
  • How to create a wellness lifestyle for yourself, your family and your home
  • How to create recipes using our Vitality Oils
  • How to create a home environment thats safe
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Why Young Living?

Not all oils are created equal. Found out why!