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Zoey & Lily’s Favorites 

Stuffed Animals

Wild Knots Bear by Kong

This is one of Zoey & Lily’s favorite stuffed animals. The bear is cute, but the insides are knotted ropes. They love to chew on it and play tug of war with it together. 

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Marvin the Moose
This was the first stuffed animal we gifted to Zoey when we adopted her. It has been her favorite toy ever since. She snuggles with it on the couch and will occasionally  bring it to bed with her. When we ask her, “Where’s Marvin?” She knows exactly where it is and brings it to us. 

Wufers Dog Treats

Zoey and Lily LOVE the Wufers Dog Treats. We get these fun cookies for them for their Birthdays and for Christmas. They come in different shapes and themes depending on what holiday or event you are celebrating. 
Veggiedents Dog Chews

These dental chews are great for our girls. They get so excited when I tell them it’s time to brush their teeth. If I forget to give them one these before bedtime they will go and sit in the kitchen by their cupboard. They are just way too smart! 
Beds & Blankies
Serta Ortho Cuddler Bed

A very soft and cozy bed. We got our girls each one of these beds. A majority of the time they love to snuggle with us on the couch - but every once in awhile they will go and nap in their little beds. I love that it adds extra cushion - especially for Zoey since she is getting older. Really great for their joints. 

Essential Oils & Grooming
T-Away Essential Oil

T-Away was the first Essential Oil we used for Zoey from Young Living. I love how Young Living has created a safe and clean essential oil line just for pets. T-Away is Zoey’s favorite oil. When we adopted her she was so worried every time we went on car adventures. I would add a drop to my finger and rub the oil behind her ears and along her spine. I’d let her smell the oil from my hands too. We’d hop in the car and about 5 minutes into the drive she was so calm and relaxed. 

We use this oil for Lily too. Lily isn’t all too sure about house visitors and gets a little nervous. I add a drop or two to the palm of my hands and just let her smell the oils. She will lick the oils from my hand - that’s her favorite way of receiving the oils. 

When using oils - just listen to your pets. They will let you know what they love or don’t care for. 

Animal Scents Shampoo

Bath time is definitely not a favorite of Zoey & Lily’s. I love using this shampoo though. Super clean ingredients, non-irritating and it keeps their skin and coat so healthy and soft. 

Animal Scents Ointment

We use this ointment a lot during Pheasant hunting season. Clinton and the girls love going out in the field to find pheasants, but the girls can come home with a few minor cuts and scrapes. Just take a little bit of the ointment and place on top of the small scrape. Both of the girls love the ointment and want to lick it immediately - we found playing with their favorite toy while their skin soaks up the ointment works best. This also works really well on their paws too - keeps them nice and healthy.  

Detangling Dog Brush

I love how this brush comes two-sided. The thicker side works best through Lily’s thick fur and the bristle side works best for Zoey. Very gentle brush and both girls love to get their hair brushed. 

Blueberry Dog Collars

This is my favorite dog collar. They come in so many cute colors and patterns.