The Surprising Benefits of Thinking Positively Every Day

The Surprising Benefits of Thinking Positively Every Day
How often do you pause and think about the thoughts you are telling yourself? We can really be our own worst critic, can’t we? It’s so important to be filling your mind with positive thoughts, words, affirmations, and Bible verses.

Have you ever stopped yourself mid-thought when you are being too hard on yourself? This is something I’ve personally been trying to work on. The negative thoughts can just come way too easy for me. I’ve got a really great trick that has been helping with flipping the script. Give this a try next time you...

Refuel Your Inner Sparkle With Affirmations

Refuel Your Inner Sparkle With Affirmations
Affirmations are powerful statements that can be such a wonderful self-care tool for you as you venture on your personal growth journey. Affirmations provide encouragement, can raise your energy levels, increase happiness or contentment, and if used correctly, can provide success in your day.

There's no right or wrong way to write or speak affirmations, but there are a few tips you might want to consider as you spend time journaling out your affirmations. Here's 5 quick ways to begin using affirmations today...

1. Begin your affirmation statement with "I am..." or "I choose..." or "I have." Pay close attention to the words you are speaking over yourself. You don't want to leave any room in your mind for doubt. Think about an area you are wanting to focus on or a habit you are wanting to instill - you can easily create affirmations to fit those needs.

2. Keep your affirmation short and sweet. If your affirmation is too long you will probably forget the whole phrase. You want to have your affirmation direct and to the point so that your mind will focus in on one area and not get confused.

3. Connect with your emotions and how you want to move forward. Bring in your emotions when you are creating your affirmations - what are you feeling currently, how do you want to feel when you have accomplished a task or a goal?

Remember to choose your words carefully - if you are wanting to improve your health, an affirmation of "I am at my goal weight" probably won't be very helpful as you are just beginning your healthy lifestyle. Focus in on the steps you choose to take to embrace a more healthy lifestyle. Here's a quick example: "I choose to eat foods that make my body feel good" or "I choose to move my body for 10 minutes every day."

4. Repetition is key! Affirmations aren't magical words that you say once and poof all is well in the world. Wouldn't that be lovely if it worked that way though? The more you speak your affirmation and write it in your journal the more your brain will begin to believe it. It's very easy for our brains to believe every single thing we tell it - this is why speaking positively over yourself is SO important. Speak your affirmation morning and evening. You can speak your affirmation any time throughout your day whenever you need a little boost of encouragement.

5. Bring in essential oils with your affirmations. Our sense of smell connects directly to the emotional part of your brain. The olfactory nerve connects directly to the limbic system in the brain. This is where you process emotions, determine whether you are safe or in danger, and you form bonds or attachments to those around you. 

One of the techniques I like to use with my clients and students is called The Aroma Freedom Technique. It’s a gentle step-by-step guide, using Young Living Essential Oils, to identify any blocks (such as worry, overwhelm, sadness, or frustration) that may be holding you back from having a reset and returning back to feelings of peace and wholeness, allowing you to gain clarity on what your next step should be (instead of worrying or stressing). 

Spend some time today listing out a variety of affirmations that can apply to different areas in your life. Here's a few affirmations to help you get started: 
"I am..." 
"I choose..."
"I have..."
"I I...."