The Letter - The Story of our Infertility Journey

I remember the day well. Clinton came home from work with the mail in his hands. I greeted him and he sadly looked at me and held out the letter in his hand. Instantly I knew what the letter was and who it was from. In 2015, we had been going through fertility testing. The letter in his hand stated that we were unable to have children.

Sorrow instantly took over me and I sobbed. Clinton too was heartbroken. I finally understood what it meant to grieve and be so full of sorrow. Hope had been snuffed out.

Before our fertility testing journey I had learned a little bit about emotional essential oils. I thought they were whacky and I remember thinking, “How can a bottle labeled Joy bring me joy? My joy comes from the Lord.” I had a lot to learn though on the science behind that oil and what plants and flowers made up that oil. Plants and flowers that were created by God!

Joy. It’s not everyone’s favorite. Some people have told me they think this oil smells like an old granny. I’ve never thought that. To me it smells like I’m wondering around in a secret garden filled with beautiful flowers! It’s an oil that has uplifted my spirits when I was in the pit of sorrow.

I began using Joy Essential Oil soon after Clinton and I found out we couldn’t have children. That news is beyond devastating and I can’t quite put into words the emotional roller coaster it leads you on. Sadness and deep sorrow covered me like a heavy blanket. I didn’t know if I would ever laugh again. And if you know me, you know I love to smile and laugh.

A few weeks or maybe even a few months went by (I don’t remember because I honestly felt frozen in time) and I remember feeling so discouraged, lonely and sad. A friend posted on social media about an essential oil Great Day Protocol. It’s beginning your day with four essential oils that help with confidence, grounding, joy, peace and protection.

I began seeing this Great Day Protocol pop up all over the place! A gal I follow on Instagram and is someone I look up to, did a video on these four emotional essential oils. I again saw it posted in Pinterest. I knew I needed to give it a try. I committed to using these four essential oils along with prayer. You see, before trying the Great Day Protocol I had family telling me to get on antidepressants. That went against everything I was working so hard to not use for myself. Nature and plant based products come first for me. Then I re-evaluate what’s best.

Friends, I couldn’t believe how the power of prayer, Gods never ending love for me, and these essential oils (that are tools for us to use) lifted my heavy blanket of sorrow. I felt like I was slowly climbing out of a deep, dark cave and seeing light again.

There is a system on how to apply these 4 oils. I am willing to teach you those steps so that you too can find your joy and hope again. Follow it step by step and pray over each oil you apply and God will work in amazing ways!

Joy in particular is one I will never, ever be without. It lifted a heavy covering over my heart and made me see the light again and see that God hadn’t forgotten me, my dreams, that there is still hope and that even though things didn’t go as I planned, God has a better plan for us. And I have a feeling it has to do with helping women find their joy again...and rescuing more dogs!

If you are struggling and ready to embark on your own personal, healing journey, I will guide you through the steps I took to help me find and discover my hopes and joys again. Restore Your Hope can be the answer you are looking for. Grab my hand and lets venture through it together. 


  1. Love your story!
  2. Although we can never fully know the depth of your pain we grieve with you and hurt when you hurt. What a message of hope to know that we are not left alone in our grief, that there is One who cares for us and we can trust Him. He not only leads the way in showing us how to live a life that is mixed with both sorrow and joy, many times experienced both on the same day or even in the same moment, but He also provides us with restorative plants, oils, and balms from His creation.

    Like you, at first I couldn’t fully explain HOW the essential oils worked, only that they did. It’s kind of like the story in the Bible of the man who was blind but then could see. People asked him, ‘How did this happen?’ He didn’t know but said (paraphrase) ‘I don’t know. All I know is...once I was blind and now I see, and it’s all because of Him.’ In the same way, we may not know how or why exactly the Joy oil blend and the Great Day Protocol helps us in our grief. All we know is, once we were sad, and full of grief, and now we are not...and it’s all because of Him, and what he gives us for our health and well-being through his creation.

    Thank you for sharing Jenna, you are brave, and courageous, and loved. ❤️

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