Transformations are Happening

About two or three weeks ago I was invited to take part in a Mastermind Program test group. The gal running this Mastermind course has really inspired me in my business and also in my own personal development journey. When she invited me to take a look I knew it was going to be an opportunity I wouldn’t want to turn down. I knew this would be an investment that I would appreciate greatly. 

Her course kicked off about a week ago and I am only 5 or 6days in; and I am already learning SO MUCH! Our minds are truly a beautiful thing that God has created. I’ve always known that words hold power. But what I didn’t know is that we can re-program our minds on how we think of ourselves, how we think of others, how we envision our dreams and see them unfold before us. It’s all about our mindset and the words we choose to speak and believe. Words hold so much power. We have to use them for good!

I’m totally not explaining this exactly as she would, but already I am seeing changes happening around me

Every morning I wake up and speak aloud an affirmation and I pray over myself, my home, over Clinton, Zoey and Lily (yes, I pray for my furbabes), our dreams, goals and ask God to come in to my dreams and desires and open up all those possibilities for his Glory.

Sometimes though, when I am saying those words or praying - doubt creeps in. Little voices whisper, “you are not worth it,” “You are not worthy of your goals,” “you’ve got to be joking.” I could go on and on about the lies I use to let myself believe. But, because of the Mastermind training I can already say, “Doubt OUT, Faith IN!” And truly mean those words and believe all those yucky lies about myself are fading and canceling out.

What words or phrases that are untrue are you believing about yourself? I challenge you today to start saying aloud, “Doubt Out, Fear In!” Even if you have to say it a million and one times a day - you’ll be amazed at how this will break those lies apart! Taking care of ourselves in a natural and positive way is so important to me. I hope it will be for you as well. 


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