It's Time to Take Your First Step
I recently embarked on a new, natural journey - clean up my food! What does clean up my food mean? Focus on eating whole food nutrition and food that will fuel my body (not make it sluggish). When beginning my healthy, natural lifestyle; I knew that I was going to eventually have to come face-to-face with my dysfunctional relationship with food. Boy, did I ever procrastinate on changing this! This step is the hardest step on my health journey. 

When I was in high school I had an eating disorder. Most of my friends and family probably didn't know that about me. I hid it so well. At first it was a skipped meal here or there - no big deal, right? Well, when you start skipping meals here and there they begin to add up. Soon I was going days without eating - I would just drink SO much water to keep me going. The problem with this is that your body stores fat and loses muscles. I assumed it was the other way around.

When I hit a plateau and wasn't seeing results I wanted; I was frustrated and began emotionally eating which then led to bulimia. It was a hard season of life and I let my eating disorder control me. I lived like this for quite a few years. How sad to go through life living this way and letting food control you. My family helped me find a counselor so that I could receive the help and support that I needed. Once I transferred colleges though, I was no longer meeting with her. So the yo-yo dieting began and the struggles began all over again.

Fast forward to my junior year of college and I told myself, "NO MORE!" I was so over being tired and sluggish and letting food control the way I lived my life. Soon I began running again, cooking healthy meals, going out with friends, traveling and enjoying life the way I should have been this whole time. Was it always perfect? No, but it was definitely progress! I thank God that I am fully healed from that season of life. 

Most people aren't able to quit an eating disorder the way I did. You feel stuck in a vicious cycle that just doesn't seem to end. Seek help or talk with a trusted friend. You don't need to live this way anymore - there is light on the other side and I'm here to help you through it.

My online course will walk you through how to begin taking your first steps on the path of your healing journey. This course is for anyone who is struggling with emotional health. I'll be there to guide you and offer encouragement and support as best I can. I'm not a doctor - just a girl who wants to see others living their best life and feeling good again! If this has piqued your curiosity then I highly recommend learning more about my online course Restore Your Hope.

Hope. Forgiveness. Dreams. Laughter. It's all waiting for you! Are you ready to take your first step?


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