How To De-Stress During the Holidays
The holidays can bring up a wide variety of emotions for some. It is such a happy and festive time of year, but there can also be sad emotions attached to it as well - and there is nothing wrong with that. If you struggle during the holiday season, please know that it is totally normal and nothing is wrong with you.

The holiday season this year has brought up a few emotional moments for me. It’s another year where I have been reminded that I am childless. My grandpa made the comment that Christmas is the child’s holiday and a rush of sadness washed over me. I don’t know if I will ever experience my own child happily arising Christmas morning and jumping for joy to open their gifts or to see the Christmas tree decorated for the first time.

I’ve learned that it is okay to feel all the feels during the holidays; to just embrace them all. A few self-care tips have really been beneficial to me as well.

Meditation and Mindful Breathing 

I use to think meditation was this big, scary thing that Christians should stay away from. That is so not even true. Meditation can look very different for many people. For me, it is taking time to sit peacefully in silence, to pray, or to speak my affirmations over myself while calming music plays in the background.

I encourage you to find a cozy spot in your home and start with 5-10 minutes of just relaxing quietly. If your mind begins to drift then say a little prayer that your body would relax and that God would fill you with his peace and calmness. Be very aware of your breathing while sitting calmly. Inhale through your nose and slowly exhale through your mouth. Visualize yourself releasing all the negativity or tension that your body is holding onto. Those negative thoughts or tensions no longer serve you.

End your session with speaking an affirmation over yourself. My favorites recently have been, ‘My faith is bigger than my fears’ or ‘I am strong, able and calm.’ If you need more affirmations you can find my favorites here.

Play Encouraging Music 

Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. One thing you may not know about me is that I am a trained classical pianist. High school and college I studied classical music from wonderful musicians and instructors. I didn’t end my college career with a music degree, but I was so thankful I continued my musical studies.

Classical music - especially the Romantic time period and oddly enough film scores - are where I find music that is calming to me and allows me to de-stress. What is a style or genre of music that you can listen to that would help your mind, body and soul feel more calm?

Self-Care Sundays 

This is a new concept for me and I fell instantly in LOVE with this routine. Self-Care has always been important to me and my well-being, but it was always a here and there type routine. Now I dedicate at least one day a week to some extra pampering. Self-Care is going to look differently for everyone. I enjoy pampering my skin a little extra on Sundays by exfoliating, using a facial mask and also a gemstone facial roller.

Taking at least 30-60 minutes to read (whether it be a fun read or a personal development book) is another great way I love to de-stress on my Self-Care Sundays. In the summer I love to lay out outside on my deck and read or even just listening to the birds sing their sweet tunes is so relaxing. In the fall and winter when it is way too cold to read outside, I sit on my comfy couch with a big, fluffy blanket and a hot cup of tea on my little table.

Epsom Salt baths are another great way to de-stress. The epsom salt helps your body to detox and removes dry skin too. Adding in a couple drops of essential oils is an amazing way to add extra benefits to your bath. My favorites are Lavender, Stress Away and White Angelica.

Just to be clear, Self-Care doesn’t have to happen just on Sundays. You can easily incorporate self-care on any or every day even if all you have is 5 minutes. If you are a busy woman who may need extra self-care tips then I highly recommend checking this e-book out. Lots of great tips and DIY recipes!

Self-Care can also look like waking up a few minutes early to enjoy your cup of coffee or tea before anyone else wakes up. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Make it your own moment and make it something you enjoy so much!

Have you found other ways to help you de-stress? Feel free to share them in the comments. I’d love to learn from you too. 


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