12 Harmful Beauty Ingredients to Ditch Immediately
Let's face it, ladies - the beauty industry doesn't care about the ingredients they are loading up in our products. It's really a shame, because natural and clean makeup is out there. We just have to do a little bit of research. Easy for you I have done a lot of the work. There's still a lot to learn and I am by no means perfect in this area....yet. It's a process.

There are 12 ingredients that the beauty-care world call the Dirty Dozen. These are ingredients that you want to be watching out for. Take a deep breathe and don't let this freak you out or overwhelm you. This is why you have me - I can be like your little Beauty-Care Guide. So, come along on the journey to learning about ditching these harmful ingredients. 

1. Fragrance: This is probably my #1 ingredient to ditch as soon as you can. It's a scary one too. The beauty-care world is actually not regulated by the FDA. So companies can slip in any ol' ingredient that they wish, and they do NOT have to disclose to us as the buyer what is in the ingredients.

Fragrance or Perfume has become a host to hundreds and thousands of ingredients that we honestly have no clue are listed under. Companies do this all the time. Many times, the ingredients that fall under the Fragrance category can cause allergies, possibly linked to cancer, or it can even impact the reproductive system. Yikes! See yah later, fragrance!

2. Artificial Colors: This is a tough one. Artificial colors can pop up in our food, hair dyes and all sorts of beauty-care products. You probably even know what this looks like on a label: Red 40 or Yellow 6 are two examples. These artificial colors can be really harmful to our health. Synthetic colors can be made from coal tar and petroleum, which can cause skin irritations and possible cancer issues. It can also impact brain function. We gotta keep our brain running happy and smooth!

3. Petroleum: Pretty crazy that this ingredient is in beauty care products, right? So, this substance, which is basically fuel, is what we are lathering on our bodies with our products. This harmful ingredient is used to provide shine in our products and can possibly increase the risk of cancer.

4. Parabens: These are used to preserve and extend the shelf-life of products. It helps the products so it doesn't get any bacteria, mold or just any weird substances from growing on it - which is great, right? We don't want mold in our makeup! But, parabens are absorbed into the skin and be disruptive to our endocrine system and can possibly be linked to breast cancer.

5. Formaldehyde:  This one is pretty gross! You probably already know that formaldehyde is a fluid that is used for embalming the deceased. It's also used in cosmetics though like nail polish, body wash, eyeshadows, hair dyes and even our face washes. This ingredient has so many red flags. It can cause allergic reactions, harm the immune system, and has been linked to cancer.

6. Phthalates: You can find this ingredient in nail polish, perfume, deodorant, or lotions. Phthalates are another that can be a hidden ingredient and it usually falls under the fragrance or perfume category. Companies don't actually have to disclose this ingredient at all. This can be really damaging to the endocrine system and can possibly be linked to cancer, as well as increase hormones and the development of young girls.  

7. Foaming Agents: This ingredient will pop up on labels as sulfates, DEA or TEA. These are are what gives products a rich lather or foaming texture to it. You can find this in face washes, shampoos, and even dish soaps. We all love foaming products, right? I sure did! Unfortunately, these can cause skin irritations, it can also irritate the lungs and even our eyes. It also as a possible link to cancer issues too.  

8. Antibacterial Agents: These can be found in toothpaste, soaps, shavings creams and aftershave lotions, moisturizers, acne treatment and even deodorant. Synthetic antibacterial agents can be harmful for the endocrine system and the thyroid and theres also risks for infections and resistance to antibiotics.

9. Preservatives: BHA or BHT are two labels that preservatives can fall under. You will find these in moisturizers and other beauty products. Preservatives can keep the product shelf-life last a really long time, but there are definitely risks. It's harmful to wild life and waterways, as well as being pretty toxic to us humans too.

10. Plasticizers: These are used to create a hard, solid finish on products such as nail polish. Dibutyl Phthalate is an example of a plasticizer. These can create problems to your reproductive and endocrine systems. They can also negativity effect fish and wildlife too.

11. Siloxanes: These are used to soften, smooth and moisturize the skin - which sounds great, right? But, they are really harmful to the endocrine and reproductive systems. You can find siloxanes in moisturizers or deodorants or any product that offers quick drying time.

12. PEG Compounds: These are known to be carcinogens, irritants to the skin and just add toxic overload to the body. This ingredient can be found in cream-based products. It is used as a thickening agent - lotions, moisturizers, some hair products.

I know this list can seem very overwhelming. It would be so easy to just grab all of our harmful products and just toss them in the trash. Go slow, take your time, do your own research.

You are your best advocate. If researching and trying to understand the difference between clean and unclean beauty-care products seems too much for you - then you will want to hop into my free group Journaling & Self-Care Ideas for Women to Ignite Their Inner Sparkle. We’d love to welcome you! We chat all things mental wellness: nutrition, beauty care, journaling and self-care. If you could use a couple ideas for safe products, don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact me HERE


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