A Book Collaboration....Is This For Real?
I recently embarked on an adventure with 25 women to collaborate on a project. I don’t think I realized at the time when I said YES how inspiring this project is going to be.

It hit me today that this project is going to touch so many peoples lives. And I get to play a part in that. My stomach will get these butterflies when I think about it! This is happening. This is real life.

Together we are writing a book. The book is called The Truth About Success and it is a collection of stories from each of these amazing women (and myself) about finding success after a loss, diagnosis, heartbreak, and more. The stories are so beautifully written and you really get to know each of the authors within their pages.  

Wow!! I’m so thankful to be surrounded by strong, heart-centered women who encourage and support one another in our personal and business lives. I look forward to sharing so much more about this book collaboration with you all. 

If you'd like to stay in the know - hop on over to my free online community where I will be sharing so much more about this project, living authentically and rediscovering your hope. 


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