Beauty Care is More than Makeup
Have you ever asked yourself why you wear makeup? Seems like a silly question, doesn't it? At one time though, I use to wear makeup like it was my own personal armor. At a young age I was bullied for the way I looked, the way I wore my hair, for answering questions incorrectly, and so much more.

The bullying continued into middle school and even into high school - all by different groups of mean girls. The bullying was off and on, and I never felt like I wasn't safe, but my heart and feelings were definitely hurt. It created trust issues, poor relationship choices, an eating disorder (that is thankfully healed) and insecurities in myself.

The moment I was able to wear makeup I never went without it. It was like my shield that protected me and filled me with confidence. I was able to make my nose and chin thinner by contouring, make my eyes pop by the beautiful shades of eye-shadows, and how to make my skin look like it had been beautifully kissed by the sun.

Makeup became such a security blanket for me that I wouldn't leave my apartment in college to run errands. I remember the look on my roommates face when she saw me putting on makeup to go to a midnight movie premier. She was dressed in her pajamas, messy bun and no makeup. I was dressed up, hair done and makeup on. She told me to march right back into my room, puts my pjs on and wipe that makeup off my face. I listened and guess what? I had the best time out! That was the slow beginning to becoming comfortable and more confident in my own skin.

Beauty Care is more than just the skincare and makeup products we place upon our face and body. It is about who we are on the inside. Beauty care is about discovering our inner sparkle.

Inner sparkle is that little something that swirls within you and lights you up - you may not share it with anyone else, but you know it's there. Once you learn to unleash your inner sparkle you can't help but to shine brightly and light up your world around you.

It's about discovering your hopes, dreams and hobbies that light you up, it's about speaking your truth, and about being your true, authentic self - and not being afraid to let others see the real you.

When you keep that inner sparkle to yourself you are doing a disservice to the people around you. Give yourself permission to shine brightly. It doesn't mean that everyday will be all sunshine and roses; but you'll discover more about what makes you - YOU -  and how you can rise above any situation or struggle that may come your way.

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