What Is Habit Stacking?
Have you been trying to set goals but you just always seem to fall short? There's a little technique that you might just be missing out on and that's habit stacking.

I first learned about habit stacking from Mel Robbins. You've probably heard of her - she created and published the High 5 Habit. Habit stacking is amazing to use alongside your goal setting techniques. Think of habit stacking as stepping stones that will help you move closer to what you desire to achieve.

I find it most helpful to write out my goals and habit stepping stones in my journal - this is an easy place to turn to then when you need daily reminders of your goals. I would suggest setting quarterly goals as they are much easier to focus on and achieve.

Here are a couple steps to help you with creating those habit stepping stones:
1. Inside your journal write out one goal you would love to achieve within 90 days.
2. Write out one habit you are currently doing consistently
3. Write out one habit you would love to add on to help you move towards your goal
4. Now stack those two habits together. Everyday you will do your new habit right after the habit you are consistently doing already.

You can continue to add another habit to stack along with the other two once you become consistent with the new habit. Do you see how this could work for you? It's been a game changer in my personal and business life.

If journaling and creating habits is somewhat new to you, be sure to download my free Journaling Routine Starter Kit. Inside you will be guided on how to create a journaling routine that fits for you, my 3 minute secret, plus 5 prompts to get you started. You can grab that HERE for free.


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