The Importance of Taking Care of YOU
You probably know how valuable self-care is and taking care of your overall wellness. But have you ever gone days with just running on auto pilot and not taking care of your own needs? I sure have, and it led to the beginning stages of a stomach ulcer! 

For over a week I was experiencing such strange stomach pain in my left side and upper abdominal area. Honestly, I thought I was just struggling with some digestive issues and figured it would just pass in a few days. The throbbing pain kept persisting though. I checked in with my doctor and turned out my stomach pain wasn't something to ignore...I have a stomach erosion that could potentially turn into an ulcer. We made a plan, using both a holistic and modern approach, and I'll be doing a follow up appointment in a couple weeks. 

This was such a light bulb moment for me though! I realized that I have been taking on way too much in my schedule, worrying about everyone and everything else, and striving for perfection. The consequence? My health and emotional well-being. 

So, I want you to ask yourself something....

What choices distract you from caring for yourself? Remember that it's not the people you love in your life that keep you from caring for yourself, rather it's the behaviors you choose that take precedence over your own health and well-being. 

How can you adjust, let go of, elicit help for, or change those behaviors to make more space for you? 
Don't accept "I can't" as an answer. Use these two questions and thoughts as you journal today. Really take time to ponder this today and take comfort knowing that you deserve to care and nurture for yourself. 

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