Use Your Journal to Guide You Through Your Worry

Use Your Journal to Guide You Through Your Worry
Have you ever been faced with a decision and you just have no idea what to do? Maybe you ruminate over the issue, you talk about it aloud to yourself or to a close friend, you go to bed worried about this decision and you wake up thinking about it. The worry has literally exhausted you. 

That was exactly me a few weeks ago. I had such intense worry over a business decision I was faced with and I honestly felt so lost and confused about what to do. I played the worry in my mind over and over again. I spent time in prayer and reading my Bible. You know what I hadn't done though? I never journaled about it! 

When you are faced with a worrisome situation and you find yourself stressing over it or becoming so full of anxiety, stop and take a deep breathe, give it to God in prayer, and then get out your journal. Free write all of your thoughts out onto your pages. There's a good chance that things might not make sense right away. The more you journal out this situation or decision though, the more clear it becomes and as you read back over what you wrote, the answer really is right there in front of you. 

I discovered this approach by re-reading an old journal that I kept when I was in college. I was deeply stressed out about a relationship and I wrote out how difficult the situation was. I literally was telling myself in my journal what to do and that the relationship needed to end, but I was so consumed with my worry during that time that I didn't even see it clearly until many years later as I was reading it all over again. Read your journal entries back to yourself, you will be amazed at what you will discover and how clarity will eventually find its way in to your heart and mind. 

If you need additional support with your journaling, I invite you to take a look at the 30 Day Journaling Kickstart Guide. Inside is everything you need to create a consistent journaling habit with step-by-step instructions and 30 days of prompts. You can check that out here.

Change Can Be Painful, Yet So Beautiful

Change Can Be Painful, Yet So Beautiful
Life really never ceases to hide surprises around each corner, doesn't it? How do you feel about change in your life? Some women freeze in fear at the thought of change, while others seem to easily embrace it. If change makes you feel unsure or worried, try look at it from a different angle. What would happen if we viewed change as an adventure or the start of a new book in a series? It probably wouldn't seem so scary then - you'd maybe even look at it as being fun. 

Change can bring on uncomfortable emotions though, such as grief, and I think it's really important to take the time that you need to grieve any unanswered dreams, prayers, or losses. I personally experienced this when my husband Clinton and I discovered that we would not be able to naturally conceive our own children. It brought on a new chapter in our lives and a wave of grief settled in. 

There came a moment during my grieving season where I had to ask myself if I wanted to stay in this place or if I wanted to rediscover my hope and joy again. I chose to make the change in that moment and to take the little steps forward to heal. That change was not easy, there's still moments where I feel so sad, and if that's what you are experiencing too - it is okay! Feelings are not right or wrong. Give yourself the grace and the time that you need. Just promise me you won't stay in that place for too long. 

There are so many blessings in this moment and ahead on your personal growth journey just waiting for you. If you have difficulty with change, care for yourself today by journaling, writing out a new affirmation, or spending some quiet time in your favorite space in your home or outside. 

Be sure to join our free community Journaling & Self-Care Ideas for Women to Ignite Their Inner Sparkle. Inside you will discover journaling tips & prompts, as well as simple self-care tools to use in your personal growth journey to discovering more about your unique self. 

Finding Your Inner Sparkle through Journaling

Finding Your Inner Sparkle through Journaling
Are you tired of staring at your blank journaling pages and wondering what to write about? You wonder what could you possibly even begin to write about, so you put your journal to the side - and soon, your journal may end up on a closet shelf or on a book shelf and forgotten. You  may even think if journaling is something that could actually be for you, or where you would possibly fit it into your busy day.

You have such good intentions with journaling and you see how it could benefit you, but you think maybe you should just wait till life slows down a bit. But, does life ever slow down? The reality is, we will always have something on our to-do list or other things distracting us. We live in a world where there are distractions all around us. If you want to become intentional with journaling, then you must become intentional with your priorities and your time.

Creating your journaling routine is simple, but it does take some focus and a commitment to show up and be consistent. This is where my program The Joy of Journaling enters in. This is the program where you will be so excited to journal. You'll grab your journal and you just can't wait to write out your thoughts and feelings onto your journaling pages. Let me break down everything you will discover inside this journaling mentorship program.

1. Together we are going to get very clear on when your journaling routine is going to be within your day. I walk you through a step-by-step approach to personalizing your journaling routine - you will be clear. on the time of day you show up to journal, and how long you want your journaling routine to be. And because this is a mentorship program you are going to have the accountable you need - as women we need each other. We need to link arms with one another and encourage each other to take those moments to ourselves; and we can do that by having a journaling routine.

2. Each month you will receive 30 or more journaling prompts that are created around personal themes.
Themes such as:
- discovering more about yourself
- your patterns and behaviors
- connecting with your inner child
- embracing all the wonderful things that bring you joy and how you can share those joys with those around you
- increasing your self-awareness through gratitude
- exploring how to step out of comfort zones that may be holding you back
- grief and reclaiming your hope
- plus so much more!

3. A part of a personal growth journey through journaling is also being open to learning. Each month you will receive a book recommendation. Sometimes the books will relate to our journaling themes, other months they may be a member favorite, or one of my personal development favorites. These books that are shared are to guide you on your journey to blooming into the beautiful and authentic woman that you desire to be.  

4. When you are open to a personal growth journey there will be moments where your emotions will become heavy, or you will be healing and forgiving yourself or others from past events, or releasing worry or shame - those are big moments to walk through. And because of that I will guide you on how to use essential oils intentionally to help you support your emotions during that time. Essential oils are an incredible tool that you can use in your self-care routines and they have this really neat way to working with your brain and your memories, and helping you overcome any obstacle when used properly and consistently.

5. You have the opportunity within the Joy of Journaling program to work directly 1:1 on with me where I can create personalized prompts that are just for you - and these prompts can be geared towards any struggles of worry, grief, anxiety, or self-doubt that you are experiencing. We'll work together on creating your journaling routine so that it supports you and the goals you have for yourself.

6. And of course, there are bonuses inside the Joy of Journaling! Coming in the Fall of 2022 we will have bi-weekly Journal with Me sessions. This is where we will come together as a community and journal together. It will be very quiet and no one will need to share anything unless you feel absolutely lead to. I will provide 3-5 journaling prompts for each session, there will be calming music in the background, and I will guide you through the journaling process. It'll be a very peaceful experience. As another bonus you will receive my guide on 105 Gratitude Prompts to boost your self-confidence and awareness. Plus, you'll also have access to all of my favorite journaling resources.

The doors are officially open! Join the Joy of Journaling with Coach Jenna today. I cannot wait to journal with you and see you rediscover your inner sparkle through journaling.

Priorities VS. Time Wasters...Do You Know the Difference?

Priorities VS. Time Wasters...Do You Know the Difference?
 Do you ever feel so exhausted at the end of the day, but you don't feel like anything really got accomplished? Open up your calendar and really take a good, long look at your upcoming week. What activities or to-do items are a waste of your time (and be honest with yourself) - this is time that could be spent better by doing something that really matters to you?

Think about how you spend your day too. Do you have moments in your day where you are just scrolling through social media, shopping sites, or Pinterest? Those things aren't bad....but they can sure take up a lot of your precious time that could be spent doing something much more productive and encouraging.

 Once you identify the time wasters within your day or week, cancel them and remove them from your calendar. It may feel kind of awkward at first to let go of an obligation (whether it is personal or professional), but the benefit of creating space for what is important to you just far outweighs a brief moment of discomfort. 

Do you know what this is? This is YOU caring for yourself and what you need. You are so important and valuable. Don't waste your time on the things that no longer matter or serve you and your purpose. Continue taking those steps on your personal growth journey. You got this! 

If you would like to receive daily encouragement, self-care & journaling tips - I'd love to welcome you to my free online community - Journaling & Self-Care Ideas for Women to Ignite their Inner Sparkle. Inside I share journaling tips, how-to's, and prompts; as well as simple self-care tips to help you release any worry or stress that you may be struggling with.

Refuel Your Inner Sparkle With Affirmations

Refuel Your Inner Sparkle With Affirmations
Affirmations are powerful statements that can be such a wonderful self-care tool for you as you venture on your personal growth journey. Affirmations provide encouragement, can raise your energy levels, increase happiness or contentment, and if used correctly, can provide success in your day.

There's no right or wrong way to write or speak affirmations, but there are a few tips you might want to consider as you spend time journaling out your affirmations. Here's 5 quick ways to begin using affirmations today...

1. Begin your affirmation statement with "I am..." or "I choose..." or "I have." Pay close attention to the words you are speaking over yourself. You don't want to leave any room in your mind for doubt. Think about an area you are wanting to focus on or a habit you are wanting to instill - you can easily create affirmations to fit those needs.

2. Keep your affirmation short and sweet. If your affirmation is too long you will probably forget the whole phrase. You want to have your affirmation direct and to the point so that your mind will focus in on one area and not get confused.

3. Connect with your emotions and how you want to move forward. Bring in your emotions when you are creating your affirmations - what are you feeling currently, how do you want to feel when you have accomplished a task or a goal?

Remember to choose your words carefully - if you are wanting to improve your health, an affirmation of "I am at my goal weight" probably won't be very helpful as you are just beginning your healthy lifestyle. Focus in on the steps you choose to take to embrace a more healthy lifestyle. Here's a quick example: "I choose to eat foods that make my body feel good" or "I choose to move my body for 10 minutes every day."

4. Repetition is key! Affirmations aren't magical words that you say once and poof all is well in the world. Wouldn't that be lovely if it worked that way though? The more you speak your affirmation and write it in your journal the more your brain will begin to believe it. It's very easy for our brains to believe every single thing we tell it - this is why speaking positively over yourself is SO important. Speak your affirmation morning and evening. You can speak your affirmation any time throughout your day whenever you need a little boost of encouragement.

5. Bring in essential oils with your affirmations. Our sense of smell connects directly to the emotional part of your brain. The olfactory nerve connects directly to the limbic system in the brain. This is where you process emotions, determine whether you are safe or in danger, and you form bonds or attachments to those around you. 

One of the techniques I like to use with my clients and students is called The Aroma Freedom Technique. It’s a gentle step-by-step guide, using Young Living Essential Oils, to identify any blocks (such as worry, overwhelm, sadness, or frustration) that may be holding you back from having a reset and returning back to feelings of peace and wholeness, allowing you to gain clarity on what your next step should be (instead of worrying or stressing). 

Spend some time today listing out a variety of affirmations that can apply to different areas in your life. Here's a few affirmations to help you get started: 
"I am..." 
"I choose..."
"I have..."
"I I...." 

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