Diffusing Essential Oils VS. Burning Candles

I’m pretty sure you are well aware of what essential oils are. We see them everywhere we go. You can even find them in grocery stores now. Unfortunately, not all essential oils are created equally.

When you are truly wanting to cut out the harmful products in your home and switch to cleaner products; it’s important to do your homework. If you don’t have time to do the research on what essential oils are the best, I highly recommend checking out this website to learn the importance of why you want to know exactly where those essential oils are coming from.

So, why diffuse essential oils instead of using candles in your home? Candles are highly toxic. I use to be a candle girl. I had candles all over my home and I just loved the cozy atmosphere they brought. Now, I know better and I can create that same cozy atmosphere with my diffuser and essential oils! And you will too after reading this blog post.

Candles can be full of harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients that have no place in the home. When we burn those candles the toxins find their way into your ventilation system in your home, and you and your family (pets too) are breathing in all that junk. It’s so not good for your respiratory or immune health.

The next time you are tempted to purchase a sweetly scented harsh chemical, just remember that you have access to pure essential oils. Plus, diffusing essential oils is so much more budget friendly than purchasing candles, wax melts and plug ins.

Plug in your diffuser or grab one of my favorites here and enjoy diffusing essential oils in your home that is better than any retail candle.

If essential oils is new to you, feel free to reach out and we can chat!


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