Sleep Tips for a Restful Night
After a long day one of my favorite things to do is lounge in bed and read before I go to sleep. You get all comfy in your bed and snuggled into your favorite position and then it can't fall asleep. Your brain is thinking of all the things you forgot to do that day, or you are running tomorrows to-do list in your head, or you are replaying a situation over in your head. Whatever it may be, sleep just doesn't seem to come.

When this happens to me I usually get super annoyed. That makes trying to fall asleep even more difficult. Whoever said counting sheep helped? That is not helpful advice at all.

Being a light sleeper and an early riser, I've learned a couple tips and tricks on how to have a restful nights sleep. Let's see if a few of these ideas can be of help to you too.

1. Turn Off Your Electronics: I'm not going to lie, there are days where my phone feels like an extra body part. But at 8pm or 9pm whatever I am scrolling through or responding to can totally wait until morning. The lighting of our electronics is super hard on our eyes and our brains. We all know scrolling is super addicting too. Try to shut off all electronics at least one hour before you would like to fall asleep.

Keep your charger away from your bed so you can keep your phone or tablet farther away from you (plus it's just better if it's farther away from you anyway). I have a friend who doesn't even let her phone into her bedroom. Unfortunately, my phone is my alarm. I guess I could always go buy an actual alarm clock. Do they still make those?

2. Read or Listen to a Book: I love to read before going to bed. It helps me quiet my mind and focus on the story I am reading. I read from my Kindle so I do use blue light-blocking glasses, which helps my eye health so much. Reading has just always been so calming for me, so after a chapter or two I am usually ready to call it a night. If reading isn't your thing then listen to a book on Audible, listen to calming music, a meditation, or the sounds of the ocean.

3. Calming Essential Oils: We love using oils at night to help us wind down and feel more relaxed. I have quite a few favorites for bedtime. Progessence Plus is an essential oil serum that is amazing for women. I use to struggle with sleeping really light and waking up in the middle of the night just wide awake. Or I would wake up and feel all clammy and sweaty. Any other women ever feel that way? I'm sure there are a few of you. Progessence Plus helps regulates our lovely hormones. For me, I have found it works best for me at night. I sleep deeper and no more night sweats.

Stress Away is another one of my favorites at bedtime. It helps to calm my mind of all the crazy thoughts that will float through my mind while I'm trying to fall asleep. Lavender, Cedarwood, Rutavala and even CBD Calm are all great options. The beauty of essential oils is there is a variety to choose from to see which will work best for you and your body. I am a firm believer in quality oils though, so just be mindful where you are grabbing your oils from. If you need a quick chat to see which ones will be best for you, feel free to contact me. If not, no worries, friend!

4. Yoga, Prayer or Meditation: This is an amazing way to really unwind at the end of the day, to feel more relaxed and at peace. Yoga with Adriene and Martina Wall are two of my favorite yoga instructors. Both are so knowledgable and bring total peace to their yoga sessions.

Prayer is also a powerful thing before bed. Lay your worries and stress at the feet of Jesus. Just having a little conversation with Him helps clear my mind and I know I can find my rest in Him. Sometimes when I am unable to sleep I just ask if there is someone I should be praying for. Usually a name or two will pop into my mind and I'll spend time covering that person or family in prayer.

Meditation can also be a really relaxing way to find release and relaxation before going to sleep. Meditation looks different for lots of people. You can meditate through prayer, reading your Bible, journaling or listening to someone speaking a meditation. My favorite is Sleepy Cloud by Echo Summer Hill. Her voice is so calming and she paints such a beautiful, calming story for you with her words. Soon you will feel your self drifting off to sleep.

5. Create a Peaceful Bedroom: This is a big one for me! I try really hard to keep our bedroom clean, clutter-free and relaxing. Add an essential oil diffuser to help set a more peaceful mood. Or add in some LED candles if soft lighting is your go-to. Buy the perfect sheets and bedspread and have cozy throw blankets. Trust me, it's worth it. You want your bedroom to be like a little sanctuary - a place where you can relax, lay down and be absolutely comfy.

Friend, I hope you find these tips helpful. Try one or two tonight and be consistent. We are creatures of habit and if sleep and finding peace at night is something you desire, it's very important to be as consistent as possible. We chat a lot about being at peace and releasing daily stress over in my free group Authentic & Radiant Women, hop on over to the group if you could use some more self-care tips. If you have another tip to share please drop me a comment below! We can always be learning from each other. 


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