Reset Your Mindset
Mindset - seems like such a broad topic, but it is one that is so valuable in your life journey. Whether your mindset is negative or positive it has a strong impact on your decision-making in order to reach your dreams and goals. When it comes down to it, our motivations depends on positive thinking.

If you struggle with more of a fixed mindset you may tend to have a critical "inner voice." This is where you have negative self-talk sessions with yourself or you have feelings of self-doubt or self-sabotage. It can be very hard to catch yourself when this happens because the negativity is on a loop, and it will play over and over and over again for you in your mind. Try to catch yourself next time you begin to talk poorly over yourself or you begin to over-think or over-analyze a situation.

You might also have a hard time making choices because of the self-doubt which leads to the over-thinking. What you've done is you've actually placed a ceiling above your head and because you believe you have fixed talents and abilities, or you think you aren't capable of achieving your goals then you stay stagnant and aren't able to move forward.

What would happen if you allowed yourself to develop a growth mindset? I have three tips for you that might just be helpful in getting yourself unstuck and moving forward with your dreams and goals.

1. View Self-Criticism as a way for you to upgrade your perspective on yourself. This step is an incredible way of boosting your positivity. By working on creating a positive outlook and attitude it can help bring in wisdom and clarity. When you feel more clear and focused the negative self-talk begins to reduce. One way to practice this is through affirmations. I work with my clients and students through the Aroma Freedom Technique and within my Bloom from the Inside program on how to do this very thing and why the power of affirmations is such a vital part to creating your own growth mindset.

2. You begin to notice your decision making skills improve! You get to choose how you are feeling, how you want to handle a situation or season of life differently. You are in more control, in a healthy way, of prioritizing yourself and your responsibilities. There is where we dig deep inside the Bloom from the Inside program. What is it that really matters to you? What is it that just lights you up inside - this is your inner sparkle - it radiates from within and you can't help but be authentically joyful and share that with others.

3. You'll begin practicing self-love. This isn't some whack-a-doo concept. When you allow yourself to nurture yourself, to learn, to grow, to upgrade your mindset to a growth mindset you will begin to see yourself and others in a whole new way. You'll see yourself as a priority and you won't be running on empty anymore. When we don't take the time to charge our own inner battery, we just can't fully be present and serve others at our fully capacity like God desires us to.

If you are ready to upgrade your mindset you will love my free training on Unleashing Your Inner Sparkle inside my free online community Stressed to Blessed. This is a community for like-minded women who desire to discover more about what brings them joy, to learn how valuable and worthy they are of their dreams and goals, and living abundantly in all areas of their life. If this sounds like something you are interested in, then feel free to hop in and take a look around!


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