Tips For Asking For Help on Your Self-Growth Journey
The other day I had a thought cross my mind of 'If I have to begin my self-growth journey again, would I do anything differently?' The first thing that popped into my mind was that I would have asked for help. When I look back at a distinct time when my self-growth journey begin I was going through depression from the news of our infertility. When you are in the thick of a traumatic moment you don't always think about reaching out for help right away. You kind of sit with your sorrow or hurt or anger. If you are new to following me you can read about my infertility story HERE.

I've thought of three simple tips on how to help you ask for help when you are going through a difficult season. These tips have definitely helped me as I have grown in my personal growth journey and I hope they will be helpful to you as well.

1. Take the risk of asking someone for help. This is hard and it's always a little scary to show vulnerability to others. Think of a person that you trust 100% - maybe it is a spouse, best friend, parent or a mentor in your life. Share with them that you could use a little encouragement and help.

2. Be clear on what you need help with. Do you just need your trustworthy person to listen to you, to share advice or reassure you? Take some time to journal out your thoughts and what you expect from the person you are seeking help from. This will help you to communicate what it is that you truly need. Sometimes all that is needed is someone to just sit with you. That was something I really craved when I was going through my sad season.

3. Be open-minded and willing to learn. Anytime you venture on a personal growth journey you want to make sure you are being open-minded to new ideas, perspectives and opportunities. Spend some time in prayer and lay all your requests with Jesus. He hears you, listens to you and loves you so much. One of the ways I love to pray is actually writing them in my journal. I'm able to pour out everything that is on my heart and mind and just leave it all out on the paper - it's just between Jesus and me.

What are ways you enjoy learning? Maybe you like reading, or listening to a podcast or a book on Audible. Choose a personal development book each month and commit to studying it. Every little step you take on rediscovering yourself and learning about the purpose that God has created for you is so worth it! Every step truly matters - no matter how small or big those steps are.

You can find a couple of my favorite books HERE


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