Who Should You Journal To?
Have you ever wondered who you are actually journaling to when you sit down to write? It actually never crossed my mind until a friend of mine voiced this question to me, 'Who are you actually journaling to?' For me, I journal to myself and to Jesus. There are moments in my journal I need to brainstorm out ideas onto my pages and it's really just me word dumping all of my thoughts out so I can visually see them clearly. Other moments in my journal I write out my prayers to Jesus and I list out the things I am grateful for and give praise to him. 

Think about your writing style, the journaling approach you take, and the thoughts and ideas that have been placed upon your heart. You can honestly write to anyone in your journal - whether it be yourself, to Jesus, to the universe, or even a stuffed animal. A sweet friend shared with me that she begins her journaling with 'Dear Bunny...' Bunny was her childhood stuffed animal that was with her through many moments in her life. She had a diary when she was young where should we write to Bunny, and now into her adulthood with her gratitude journaling, it has just stuck for her.

My faith is very important to me so it's important for me to include Jesus Christ into everything I do. And that includes journaling. When I am writing he unveils so many truths and new perspectives for me to digest. He brings clarity to worrisome situations, and he reminds me he is near me when I am sad or stressed. If writing to Jesus in your journal is new or even an odd concept, just simply end your journaling session with a 'Thank you, Jesus' or a short prayer.  

When writing to yourself in your journal use journaling prompts to help you release any thoughts or feelings you are struggling with. You will see them so clearly and it's a beautiful process of problem solving, instilling new positive beliefs, and releasing any negative thought that doesn't serve you.

I'd love to hear from you, dear reader - who do you write to when you journal? Has that thought ever crossed your mind? If journaling is brand new for you, or you'd like to become more consistent with it - be sure to download your free copy of the Journaling Routine Starter Kit. Inside you will discover how to create your journaling routine, my 3 minute writing tip, and 5 journaling prompts to get you started.


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