Makeup Brushes vs.Sponges vs Your Fingers. Does It Really Matter?
I’ve often wondered which makeup applicators should be used when applying my makeup and even my skincare products too. There’s so many different options between brushes, sponges, or if even blending makeup with your fingers is okay.

I took to Pinterest, Google and even asking a few of my beauty-care friends for their thoughts on this topic. I learned quite a bit too!

First, I think using whatever technique you enjoy is perfectly fine. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to apply your makeup. Do what feels comfortable for you. It’s definitely fun to explore new ways or techniques though!

Brushes are great for using with eyeshadow placement and loose powders. Sponges or blenders work really well to give you a flawless and natural look. Use your fingers when you need full control - like when you are applying concealer.

Let's break this down a bit more for you. If you want to use your fingers (and make sure you wash your hands first), use them for applying creamy eye shadows, primer and concealer. You will have more control and will be able to blend those products in really well. Your fingers help to warm up these products a little bit, which helps with the blending. A tip I learned from a fellow blogger is to use your ring finger. Your ring finger uses the least amount of pressure and remember to tap and not rub.

Brushes are really great for giving you a more concentrated application. You can use brushes to help with applying loose eyeshadows, liquid foundations, powders and bronzers. Try not to grip the brush too tightly though - stay loose and relaxed. When we have a tight grip on our brushes we tend to over-apply our makeup. We want a loose grip which will help with blending. If you like a more bold look then just apply another layer. It is easier to build up our makeup than applying it all at once - we don't want it to look cakey.

Blender sponges work well for giving you a flawless look. These are great to use with your foundation and they are easy to use when building up your makeup. Make sure to wet your blender sponge before using it. This helps with applying your product and then it just distributes the makeup more evenly.

Have fun exploring on how you like to apply your makeup. Some women only use a blender sponge, while others only use brushes. The choice is yours. Makeup is meant to be fun - toss aside the rules and do what makes you feel confident when applying your makeup. If you need more tips and tricks on what brushes to be using, applying clean makeup and just want to hang out with a group of women who love all things self-care and beauty-care I'd love to invite you to my free online community. Give it a look and see if it'll be a good fit for you. Hope to see you around soon!


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