The Biggest Misconception When it Comes to Self-Discovery
Going on a personal journey has become a popular topic of discussion over the past few years. You’ve probably gone on a personal self-discovery journey and maybe didn’t know that it had a name or concept to it. Personal Growth and Personal Development can come from books, podcasts, inspirational documentaries or journaling.

Going through a learning and growing season is all about self-discovery. Some people might cringe when they hear the word self. I’ve heard so many individuals ask me, “Isn’t self care or self discovery kind of selfish?“ Absolutely not!

How can we show up and serve our families, friends, coworkers, communities, or volunteer opportunities if we haven’t poured into our selves? We would be serving from an empty battery. Your smart phone can’t be useful with an empty battery - so the same should go for you.

A simple way to explain self-discovery is that it is a way for you to discover more about yourself. It is all part of being more self-aware, learning what makes you unique, your dislikes, what sets your soul on fire, boundaries in your relationships, and so much more.

Discovering what you are passionate about is probably one of the first steps in your self-discovery journey. Spend a couple minutes a day journaling about things that make you excited and eager to learn more about. It can really be about anything! Maybe you invested in a camera and you need to learn how to use it. Or maybe you have been wanting to learn more about bullet journaling. Hope on over to YouTube or Pinterest and you will definitely find a lot of answers to help you.

Reading personal development books has been one of the ways that I am able to grow in my self-discovery journey. Books like The Energy Bus, You are the Girl for the Job, The Big Leap, Get Out of Your Head and Love Does are some of my absolute favorites! If I learn just one thing new from reading then that is a win for me.

Journaling is another way that I am able to practice self-discovery and it’s also a part of my morning routine. Writing down my thoughts, affirmations, Bible verses, prayers have all been very beneficial for me. It’s such a positive way to begin the day too. Or if you are more of a night person then journaling out any thoughts, ideas or worries can be so helpful for you. I guarantee you’ll have a good nights sleep too.

This is exactly what we will be going through in my upcoming course Bloom from the Inside - a program where we will dive into mindset and affirmations, self-discovery and your passions and purpose, self-awareness for how you can show up and serve in your area of genius, and self-care so you know exactly how to best take care of you. If this is something that sounds like you’d be interested in gaining more information on, you can check it out here. Currently, the program is at a reduced price since I will be adding extra content to it for awhile. So if you are on the fence, might be a good idea to snag it sooner rather than later. 


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