How Getting to Know Yourself can Radiate Your Beauty
It can be very easy on social media to try and showcase a beautiful, picture perfect life. We know that’s not really realistic though. There’s more to the story than the little box you see. 
It would seem that the world is just bursting with conventionally ‘beautiful’ individuals just easy-breezy sailing through their perfect lifestyle. We know that’s not really true though. There’s always more going on behind the scenes. 
Beauty has been turned into something completely different – it’s turned into thinking we have to appear perfect, we compare ourselves SO easily, we’re hard on ourselves when we don’t measure up how we think we should be, we think we’ve failed if we haven’t checked off every single to-do list item for our day. 
Gosh that’s exhausting! We’re putting so much pressure on ourselves that we are completely missing out on our own traits that make us beautiful for who we are. 
It’s time to broaden your idea of beauty. Beauty is not only about what you can see on the outside, but on the inside too. 
Yes, looking and feeling good helps you to feel more confident in your own skin. 
But, what about the things that you have to offer, that nobody else can quite see yet or you haven’t let anyone see your true self yet. 
Your sense of humor
Your kind heart
Your talents
Your love for animals
Your gift of hospitality 
You gift of being an encourager 

Wouldn’t a place where we were cheered on for our special qualities about ourselves be better, than being judged by our body size, eye color, or even our clothing choices.
 A  place just  for a healthier, more peaceful and nurturing place to be.  

It’s time to release our idea of how we should be and truly begin to embrace who you are and what makes you – you! 
This is where your beauty will truly radiate! 
Starting Wednesday July 28th, we are going to be taking a deep dive look into discovering who you are, unveiling those dreams, ideas or gifts that have been placed upon your heart, but you have no idea what they mean or even what to do with them – that’s your inner sparkle! 
And I’m going to show you how and why this is so important for being more aware about you are! 
This will all take place in my free online community. Go ahead and hop in here, click join and answer 3 super simple questions (this is so I can tell your not a robot or a troll just lurking to cause trouble), and you will be all set for our upcoming training! 
And if it’s not for you, that’s cool too. No biggie!
For those of you who join in though - Oh I am so excited for you!! 


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