Essential Oils for a Calming Nights Rest
How you end your day makes such a difference for your mood, emotions and overall well-being. Having an evening routine can help you set up for a restful nights sleep to feeling refreshed in the morning and ready to take on a new day. Adding in essential oils can provide an extra support for you as your wind down at the end of the day.

Think back on your day. Did you feel stressed, maybe snapped at someone even though you didn't mean to, or you neglected your workout, or maybe made some poor food choices? Now think back on the past couple nights - how did you sleep?

When our sleep is interrupted or it was a restless nights sleep it can be very difficult to make it through the day feeling optimistic. Next time you are winding down for the evening incorporate one or two essential oils into your nightly routine.

Lavender, Cedarwood and Peace & Calming Essential Oils have a very calming aroma to them. You can add them to your diffuser or apply topically to help you fall into a peaceful dream-state.

Sometimes falling asleep is tricky because you toss and turn or you are unable to turn off your mind. To help you create a stress-free atmosphere use oils like Stress Away, Frankincense, or Tranquil.

Other ideas for winding down at the end of the day are doing some gentle stretches, journaling, reading, or taking an epsom salt bath with your favorite calming oils.

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